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Smt Arundhati Bhattacharya
Chairman, State Bank of India
t the outset I would like to congratulate NABARD for
entering into its 36th year of service to the nation and
combining this occasion to commemorate the silver
jubilee of one of its land mark initiatives- the SHG Bank
Linkage Programme designed to empower the downtrodden and
especially the women. State Bank of India (SBI), as the bankers
to the Nation, considers it a privilege to have been associated
with NABARD in this pioneering outreach-cum-empowerment
movement from its pilot stage to the present level of more than
85 lakh groups.
We in State Bank of India have assimilated the concept of SHG as
a regular business model. At more than 17%, the market share of
SBI under SHG Bank Linkage Programme is the highest among all
banks. Our figures pertaining to number of savings groups and
also the outstanding loan to the groups speak of the institutional
commitment in furthering this savings led, self-managed, credit
initiative. More than 91% of SHGmembers are women underlining
SBI’s commitment in extending a helping hand to them.
SBI on its part had also taken several initiatives viz., sensitization
of staff working in rural and semi-urban branches, partnering
with NGOs, extending technical/skill training to the SHG
members through RSETIs, promoting Women SHGs in backward/
LWE affected districts and also participating in a big way in the
NRLM program.
Given the scope of the SHG movement to empower the poor
and also its impact on poverty, I would like to say that we have
just started tapping the potential of banking with the poor. New
initiative of NABARD in bringing resilience to the movement
through Digitisation of SHGs is going to bring the needed
momentum to tap that ultimate potential.
Once again, wishing the SHG movement a great success, SBI
would continue to look at sustainable banking with the poor
through SHG approach on an enhanced scale in times to come,
in association with NABARD.
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