Case Studies

A Lesson in Self Dependence

Andhra Pradesh

Tribals are given land pattas by State Governments, but typically, the land is uncultivable and inaccessible. NABARD came forward to support Yanadi tribals of Andhra Pradesh with an acre of horticulture orchard development per family. The project has increased income and confidence levels of tribals of the village and has completely stopped rural migration.

Fruits of Culture

Arunachal Pradesh

The Nishi tribe of Papum Pare district in Arunachal Pradesh had 750 acres of uncultivated land and no connectivity to markets. NABARD undertook numerous initiatives through the Tribal Development Fund to promote sustainable livelihood for the tribe. 

An Organic Intervention

Adoption of climate-friendly development models By farmers of Chakai, Jamui district, Bihar

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