ENSURE – System Generated ‘Performance Assessment Report
Ref. No.NB.DoS.HO/OSS/ 1862  /P.177/2018-19/ August 06, 2018
Circular No.   217 /DoS- 33    /2018
The Chairman
All Regional Rural Banks
Dear Sir
ENSURE – System Generated 'Performance Assessment Report
Please refer to our letter No.NB.DoS.HO/OSS/4684/P.177/2017-18 (Circular No. 40/DoS-10/2018) dated March 09, 2017 regarding automated issue of Performance Assessment Report (PAR) directly from ENSURE Portal by e-mail to both Chairman and his/ her Secretariat on the next day of submission of OSS returns for each period.
2. As PAR is based on OSS returns, omissions/ errors in reporting data in OSS returns would affect the observations/ conclusions made in PAR making some of its comments/ observations inappropriate. It would, therefore, be advisable for banks to make use of PAR after verifying the correctness of the data furnished in OSS returns.
3. To facilitate such verification, henceforth, one more report called ‘Data Verification Report’ (DVR) would also be sent along with PAR. DVR is a summary of the most important data points from all OSS returns for the reference period. Bank may compare the data in DVR vis-à-vis the data in their audit report/ books and if the data is correct, PAR may be made use of.
4. In case data in any of the OSS return(s) is not correct, bank may get the return(s) rejected, revise the data and resubmit them immediately. In such cases, bank may use only the PAR generated/ received subsequent to submitting the revised returns for MIS/ analysis/ decision making purposes.
5. Bank would also have the option to generate both DVR and PAR for any period directly from ENSURE Portal, whenever they want.
6. For receiving DVR and PAR on a regular basis, you may ensure that the e-mail ID is not marked spam or black listed in your specified e-mail accounts.
Yours faithfully 
(Raghunath B.)
General Manager