Inclusion of Credit deficient districts in the list of Special Focus Districts (SFDs) under Differentiated Approach
Please refer to our Circular No. 105/DFIBT-04/2019 dated 23 April 2019 regarding Differentiated Approach for financial inclusion interventions to give more thrust   on backward districts that are constrained by various physical, economic and sociological characteristics, termed as Special Focus Districts (SFDs).  
In order to address the regional disparities in the flow of Priority Sector Lending (PSL), the Reserve Bank of India has put in place, an incentive framework under which banks are encouraged to lend in districts that have been identified as credit deficient. There are 184 districts across the country with per capita priority sector lending of less than ₹6,000.   Inclusion of these 184 credit deficient districts in the list of SFDs under the differentiated strategy adopted for support from FIF will augment the outreach of the credit services as stipulated by RBI.  Accordingly, after mapping with the existing 314 SFDs with the 184 low PSL districts, 50 new districts have been considered as SFDs for support under FIF.   The revised list of 358 Special Focus Districts is enclosed for your ready reference and necessary action. 
This circular will come into effect from the date of issue of the circular.  All the  on-going projects, sanctioned prior to the date of this circular will continue to be governed by terms and conditions of sanction as per circular No. 105/DFIBT-04/2019 dated 23 April 2019.

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