Introduction of CSIR-01 and CSIR-02 return in ENSURE portal for reporting of cyber incidents

EC No. 227/ dos-24 /2021

Ref.No.RBN. dospraca.csite/3906/cs-01/2021-22

31 December 2021

The Chairman/Managing Director
The Chief Executive Officer
All Regional Rural Banks
All State Co-operative Banks
All District Central Co-operative Banks

Please refer to our circular no. 55 dated 21 December 2020 wherein banks have been advised to report any cyber incident to CSITE Cell of NABARD as per Annexure 3 in physical mode.

2. For smooth and timely reporting of cyber incidents by banks, two returns, viz., CSIR-01 and CSIR-02 have been published on ENSURE portal. Banks are advised to report cyber incidents within 6 hours in the CSIR-01 return and report further update on the incident in CSIR-02 return on ‘as and when basis’.

3. The reporting of cyber incident in Annexure 3 through physical mode is discontinued henceforth.


(K. S. Raghupati)

Chief General Manager

information centre