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Strawberry cultivation in coco peat media in poly houses in Srinagar
Irfan Ahmed Wani, a floriculturist and owner of KVB Agro Farms in Srinagar, Jammu
and Kashmir
The Challenge: The climate and soil conditions in Jammu and Kashmir are conducive for strawberry cultivation. However, high cost of land discouraged small and marginal farmers from taking up
its cultivation
The Solution:
  • Wani's proposal for raising a nursery of strawberries on coco peat media in poly houses was approved with a grant assistance of 7 5.65 lakh under the Rural Innovation Fund
  • Initially suitable planting materials i.e. mother root stock were imported from California, which produces world-class strawberries
  • Plants were sown in the foot-wide troughs that were pressed into the top of each bed, lined with fabric, and filled with coco peat media and placed under poly houses
The Impact:
  • Growing strawberries in coco peat, a natural and renewable resource produced from coconut husk, help popularise the concept of soil less farming in the state.
  • Coco peat mimics soil's ability to hold water. It is environment friendly and does not require any fumigation unlike soil.
  • The multi tier system of cultivation ensures better utilization of space and improves yeild.
  • The availability of local resources and low cost planting material will coax small and marginal farmers to opt for Strawberry cultivation in the valley.
  • The project is profitable, it ensures low income and high returns.