Corporate Communications Department
1. Genesis
Corporate Communications Department (CCD) was created in 2011 in place of the erstwhile Public Relations Division to give a focused and professional approach to the communication strategy of NABARD; an approach which facilitated projecting NABARD’s aspirations and core values in front of policy framers, intelligentsia, bankers, urban India and the bureaucrats.
2. Core Functions of the Department:
  • Prepare a platform to have a direct interface with established journalists, interviews in press, dissemination of our successful projects and a bigger interaction with other stakeholders
  • Release of advertisements with the broad theme of brand building/consolidation
  • To engage with all regional offices on a continued basis and build a database of success stories, case studies, innovative experiments and pilots, etc.
  • To create a legacy by documenting these success stories into posters and short films
  • To engage with students from various institutes of communication to produce short films
  • To create artworks for magazines, hoardings, etc. across the country
  • To develop standardized communication resources and ensure adherence to the same
  • To use the YouTube channel of NABARD as a medium to showcase films on NABARD’s successful interventions
  • To maintain and update our website
  • To do event management for various seminars/meetings
3. Broad Achievements of the Department:
A broad summary of the achievements of CCD since inception is as under:
  • Engagement with Media - Wider base, quality coverage
  • During 2015-16 itself, NABARD was covered over 1000 times in the media.
  • Defining the core values of NABARD through an internal and external stakeholder analysis through a professional agency
  • Successful event management on important and critical occasions.
  • Release of Corporate advertisements on behalf of NABARD.
  • Production and editing of films
  • 56 You Tube films were uploaded as on 31 March 2016, our YouTube channel has 111 videos with 95,077 views across 187 countries. The impact of the channel can be gauged from the fact that NABARD was invited to participate in the Mumbai International Film Festival 2016 - a milestone moment for NABARD with its development projects being showcased in front of an international audience
  • 9.8 Million - Visits to NABARD Website during 2015-16 
  • NABARD Parivar, our in-house journal, became online. We see this as a major breakthrough which allows everybody to participate in making it a more forward looking and inclusive publication
  • Sharing more information, ensuring quality 
  • CCD has leveraged technology to the maximum by widening the set of communication resources available online. Logo, stationery items and other useful resources have been uploaded on NABNET, our corporate intranet. Regional Offices (ROs) today are far more empowered than they were ever in the past. 
  • Publications and Awards: The Department has provided a new generation set of design values to most internal publications. Over 100 success stories have been transformed into colourful posters. This design re-thinking has won industry recognition - 3 Association of Business Communicators of India awards and one from In-House Communication Excellence are proof of the same
  • International Awards:  Competing with the likes of Bank of America, Walmart, Ford, JP Morgan, Coca- cola, Dell, Korean Exim bank, Samsung Electronics, Kia Motors, and the other Fortune 500 Firms, NABARD won four awards in the Fall 2016 League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) awards, the biggest international forum of communication professionals. This is seen as a global milestone among communication professionals.   The NABARD Corporate Brochure ‘Beyond Numbers 2016’ won 2 Golds and 1 Bronze and our channel  YouTube/nabardonline won a Bronze.
  • The new NABARD Corporate Website was launched  with new generation features, enhanced search & security features and  responsive to all devices.
4. Ongoing Projects:
  • Coffee Table Book – a colourful and dynamic portrayal of over 100 successful projects of NABARD
  • New Corporate Film – a smart, new generation corporate film providing a 360-degree perspective of NABARD
  • 48 new films will be produced, documenting some of our best projects 
Contact Information:
P V S Suryakumar
Chief General Manager
NABARD, Head Office Mumbai
2nd Floor, 'A' Wing
C-24, 'G' Block
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East)
Mumbai 400 051 
Tel: (91) 022 26524693
Fax: 91 (022) 26530067