Corporate Communications Department
1. Genesis
NABARD, as the development bank for rural India, has an active engagement in a host of areas in the rural eco-system. Diverse scope of work of this magnitude along with a large partnership base requires efficient communication processes. Corporate Communications Department (CCD) was set up in NABARD in 2011 to evolve a strategy to address the requirement of efficient dissemination of information about NABARD’s initiatives and furtherance of its agenda of rural development.
2. Core Functions of the Department
  • Devising internal and external communication strategies
  • Brand building initiatives
  • Engagement with media
  • Documentation and filming
  • Managing corporate website and social media
  • Bringing out in-house journal “NABARD Parivar” and new generation publications
  • Defining and mainstreaming communication and identity protocol 
  • Coordinating awards and recognition 
3. Broad Achievements of the Department
A broad summary of the achievements of CCD since inception is as under:
  • Engagement with Media: NABARD’s efforts in engaging the media in development communication have been encouraging. There has been a continued surge in the coverage of NABARD in the media, besides enhanced coverage of its partners and programmes.  
  • Release of Corporate advertisements on behalf of NABARD.
  • Production and editing of films: NABARD has reached an important milestone of having produced 150 films during the last three years in collaboration with educational institutions with communication specialization, while another 48 films are in the post-production stage.
  • NABARD on YouTube: The rich and diverse databank of films made by NABARD needed a large platform to reach a wider audience and accordingly, NABARD’s own channel “NABARD Online” was launched on YouTube in 2014 to specifically leverage its outreach. As on 31 December 2017, the 141 films on the channel have attracted 7.81 lakh views, 16,010 hours of watch time from 208 countries. Successful event management on important and critical occasions.
  • NABARD on other social media: NABARD recently launched its pages on Facebook and Twitter with the overarching goal of leveraging the content already developed. The Facebook page designed by a professional agency provides NABARD with an opportunity to showcase latest developments, success stories, films and publicity material in a very cheap and fast manner in the form of real time posts.
  • Corporate Website: The NABARD website was given a complete overhaul in terms of both the content and visuals in Hindi and English. Contents of each department were re-drafted from a web perspective bringing the total number of pages to 1/3rd of the earlier website. Since its revamp, the website has handled 1.1 million users, averaging over 1 lakh visits per month. 
  • NABARD Parivar, our in-house journal, became online. We see this as a major breakthrough which allows everybody to participate in making it a more forward looking and inclusive publication.
  • CCD has leveraged technology to the fullest by widening the set of communication resources available online. Logo, stationery items and other useful resources have been uploaded on NABNET, our corporate intranet. Regional Offices (ROs) today are far more empowered than they were ever in the past. 
  • Publications and Awards: The Department has provided a new generation set of design values to most internal publications. Over 130 success stories have been transformed into colourful posters. This design re-thinking has won industry recognition - Three Association of Business Communicators of India awards and one from In-House Communication Excellence are proof of the same.
  • Award and recognition: NABARD’s efforts have received industry appreciation at both national (Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI) & Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) and international levels (League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Asia). We have, so far, won 34 awards of which 8 are global.
4. Ongoing Projects
  • Coffee Table Book – a colourful and dynamic portrayal of over 100 successful projects of NABARD
  • New Corporate Film – a smart, new generation corporate film providing a 360-degree perspective of NABARD
  • 48 new films will be produced, documenting some of our best projects 
Contact Information:
Shri Jiji Mammen
Chief General Manager
NABARD, Head Office Mumbai
2nd Floor, 'A' Wing
C-24, 'G' Block
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East)
Mumbai 400 051 
Tel: (91) 022 26524693
Fax: 91 (022) 26530067