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A Lesson in Self Dependence
Andhra Pradesh
Implementation of Maa Thota Project with assistance from Tribal Development Fund of NABARD
Yanadis, the native tribals of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh
The Challenge:
Tribals are given land pattas by State Government. However these land pattas, largely undulating wastelands, are usually located just below the hillocks. Covered with stones, pebbles and bushes these inaccessible tracts of lands were not cultivable traditionally!
The Solution:
NABARD came forward to support Yanadi tribals with an acre of horticulture orchard development per family as a sustainable source of livelihood
The Impact:
• The wasteland has been brought under green cover and put to productive use
• Increased household income and confidence levels of tribals through wages, intercrop, selling of fruits and taking up other income generating activities
• The migration has completely stopped as the nomadic tribals have become farmers with sustainable livelihoods

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