Administrative Approval for implementation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme - National Livestock Mission – EDEG Component – Year 2021-22 (Upto 30 June 2021)
1. We are pleased to advise that the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, GoI, vide their letter No.F.No.18033/1/2018-DIR-ANLM dated 17.05.2021 (copy enclosed) have approved the continuation of the captioned scheme for the year 2021-22 up to 30 June 2021. They have further clarified vide their email dated 22 June 2021 that the 13 deleted activities under PVCF will also be continued till 30 June 2021. 
2. After sanction of proposal, the controlling offices may upload the details as per the template prescribed in the ENSURE Portal (1st Level) and block the eligible subsidy amount by 31 July 2021.  On successful upload and post validation, the bank may release the entire credit/first instalment as the case may be. The details of entire credit/first instalment (2nd Level) may be updated in the portal within 30 days of first upload. Thereafter, the loan amount shall be disbursed by the FI in suitable instalments, if required, depending on the progress of the unit. 
3. The banks/Financial Institutions controlling offices may ensure that the 2nd Level subsidy claims are uploaded on the ENSURE portal within the stipulated time-period, failing which the system will auto delete the application, as budget cannot be earmarked for unlimited period.  
4. You may also advise your controlling offices/District Central Cooperative Banks (in case of State Cooperative Banks) and branches accordingly.
F. No. 18033/1/3018-DIR ANLM
Government of India
Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying
Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated 17.05.2021
The Chief General Manager, Department of Refinance,
NABARD,  Plot  No C-24, G block,  Bandra  Kurla Complex,
 Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051
Subject: Continuation of the EDEG-NLM scheme- regarding
I am directed to refer to convey that funds will be available for Entrepreneurship Development and Employment Generation (EDEG-NLM) up to June, 2021 and the expenditure of those funds can be made for the entire period of Financial Year 2021-2022.
2. In this regard, It is requested to send the latest position of unspent balances along with utilization certificates in the prescribed format and also the request for the funds for the financial year 2021-2022 under EDEG-NLM to dispose of the remaining applications.
3. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.
Yours sincerely,
(Dr S.K Dutta) Joint Commissioner (AH)

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