Financial Inclusion

The Department aligns its activities with the agenda of financial inclusion of the excluded population as per the framework and scope described by the Report of the Committee on Financial Inclusion utilizing the Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF). The major activities include formulation of schemes for financial literacy, knowledge dissemination, creation of infrastructure, facilitating technology adoption by banks and policy advocacy. 
Major on-going Activities supported from Financial Inclusion Fund
Creating Financial Awareness
  • Financial Literacy Awareness Camps
  • Financial Literacy Awareness through Street Plays
  • Demo Vans for Financial Literacy
Strengthening BC Network
  • Three days Training / One day Refresher Courses for BC/BF
  • Exam Fees for BC/BF
  • Bank Sakhi – SHG members as BCAs 
  • Support to RRBs for BC in NER

Capacity Building of Other Stakeholders
  • FLCs of Rural Coop Banks / RRBs
  • Centres for Financial Literacy - Pilot
  • Support for RUDSETIs/RSETIs
  • Capacity Building of Stakeholders at BIRD & other training agencies
Support for increasing Banking Touchpoints
  • Support for acquiring micro ATMs
  • micro ATM integration with CBS
  • Support for PoS /mPoS in Tier 5 & 6 centres
  • Dual Authentication at BC point
Supporting Payment and Acceptance Infrastructure
  • EMC chip based RuPay Kisan Cards 
  • PACS data migration
  • ATM on-boarding support
  • Interchange Charge
  • BHIM UPI App

Improving Connectivity for Banking transactions
  • V-SATs for SSAs in Dark & Grey Areas
  • V-SATs for Coop Banks of NER & Andaman & Nicobar 
  • V-SATs for opening branches in LWE districts
  • Signal Boosters in Grey Areas
Onboarding for Statutory requirements
  • On-boarding to C-KYC Registry
  • AUA/KUA membership of UIDAI
  • Onboarding to Public Financial management System
Incentivising Digital Transactions (Supported by GoI)
  • BHIM Referral Scheme for Individuals
  • 20 lakh BHIM Aadhaar Pay Devices
  • Incentives for establishing Aadhaar Enrolment Centres by banks in 10% branches
Operations under FIF as on 31st March 2018
Total Sanctions: Rs.3400.08 crore
Total Disbursements: Rs.1568.74 crore
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Financial Literacy Material for Financial Inclusion
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