Supervisory Interventions and other initiatives

  • Training for submission and processing of Revised Off-Site Surveillance System Returns conducted;
  • Workshops for Statutory Auditors were conducted at the State Level to improve the quality and effectiveness of the statutory audit in Cooperative Banks;
  • Regional Offices of NABARD & Training Establishments conduct sensitisation workshops on KYC (Know Your Customer) /AML (Anti-Money Laundering), Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA), Frauds, Investments, Internal Checks & Controls, Corporate Governance, Investment Management, Asset Liability Management (ALM) etc. for supervised entities;
  • NABARD HO in association with the Financial Intelligence Unit-India (FIU-IND), Government of India had also conducted two workshops-cum-review meets of supervised banks to review and sensitise the Principal Officers regarding implementation of KYC/AML.
  • In line with the revised supervision strategy, inspections of 340 banks/cooperative societies (33 StCBs, 242 DCCBs. 56 RRBs & 9 SCARDBS) have been programmed for the year 2017-18 w.r.t. financial position of Banks as on 31 March 2017. Upto 31 October 2017, 159 inspections have commenced / completed against a target of 182 Inspections.
  • Two Regional Supervision Seminars were held in NBSC Lucknow on 30/31 October and 13/14 November 2017 for DoS officers from the Regional Offices of North, North Eastern and Eastern Regions respectively to review the progress in inspections RO wise, discuss recent policy initiatives and strategy for 2017-18, sensitise officers regarding emerging issues of concern and to draw up an Action Plan for taking forward various supervisory interventions.
  • As a follow up of the exclusive review meetings for 38 ‘D’ rated Weak Banks (1 StCB & 37 DCCBs) conducted on 28-29 August 2017, an exercise was undertaken to identify weak parameters in their rating, based on which a Monitorable Action Plan (MAP) was formulated for these Banks with the guidance of ROs concerned. A Mentor Officer has been identified for each RO for assisting the Banks in preparation and implementation of the MAP which will be monitored and reviewed by the Board of the Banks concerned and also in the HLC and SLTF regularly. The Mentor Officers identified for this purpose have been suitably sensitized at a special workshop held in NBSC, Lucknow.