Pilot Projects on Climate Change

Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) project in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra with a fund support of US$ 3.5 million, was taken up with an objective to develop the knowledge, strategies, and approaches that enable vulnerable communities to cope with Climate Change and adapt to the impending impacts. The impacts of climate change are very much evident in terms of delays in onset & withdrawal of monsoon, changes in temperature (particularly in winter) and unseasonal rainfall. Creating successful demonstration projects on community based adaptation practices is a key challenge to address these adverse impacts. The CCA project in Maharashtra in collaboration with SDC precisely aims at creating a model / pilot which is replicable and scalable. 
Climate Proofing of Watershed Projects: Sustainability of public programs, investments, or agricultural value-chains are at risk due to climate change. NABARD is also piloting projects on climate proofing of watersheds in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan (two watersheds each) in collaboration with GIZ to address such risks. Additionally, opportunities of reducing climate risks through investments/interventions, increasing the capacities of communities and institutions to deal with climate change are explored through climate proofing.