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International Youth Contest - “Together Against Corruption!”

International Youth Poster and Video Competitions on the theme “Together Against Corruption!”
The competition will be open from 01.06.2019 to 30.09.2019
1. The Contests will be held at a pan-India level.
2. Goals and objectives of the Contest 
The goals of the Contest are:
  • to encourage young people to participate in corruption prevention
  • to develop and use social advertising against corruption
  • to foster interaction between society and prosecution authorities and other public authorities in anti-corruption education of the population.
The objectives of the Contest include:
  •  anti-corruption education of population
  • developing zero tolerance within society for any manifestations of corruption
  • strengthening of trust in public authorities, including prosecution authorities; developing a positive perception of their work;
  • demonstration of the openness to civil society of the prosecution authorities and other anti-corruption public authorities and their focus on joint anti-corruption activities
  • drawing public attention to anti-corruption issues, as well as to the role of the prosecution authorities and other public authorities engaged in this area, as well as to the results of this work.
3. Restrictive requirements of the Contest 
Contest works should not contain:
  • texts, plots, actions of stage persons and characters that are contrary to the laws of the Interstate Anti-Corruption Council and the BRICS countries;
  • obscene words (abusive language), words and phrases degrading human dignity, strong expressions and slang, embedded advertising, demonstration of smoking, firearms and cold weapons, explosives, the process of making explosive devices, the use of alcohol and drugs, other psychotropic substances;
  • showing actual addresses and telephone numbers, information on religious movements, including religious symbols, names and references to existing brands of goods, trademarks, service marks, individuals and legal entities;
  • images of fascist paraphernalia (swastika), scenes of violence, any kind of discrimination, vandalism, blood, reflecting the bodily suffering of people and animals, sexually explicit scenes, images of naked people, and other information, degrading in any form a person or a group of people, as well as information that may cause harm to health and (or) child development and containing calls for extremist activities.
  • it is not allowed to use other people's texts, videos and audio materials (plagiarism), except for citing works to the extent permitted by the copyright law.
  • In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the work will be disqualified from participation in the Contest at any stage.
4. Participants from Schools, Colleges, Professional Institutions, Public Sectors, Social Advertisers, Mass Communication, etc. are eligible.
5. The Contest will be held from 01.06.2019 to 30.09.2019 under two categories: “The Best Poster” and “The Best Video” on the theme “Together Against Corruption!”. The works of participants must meet the Goals, Objectives and Restrictive Requirements of the Contest as available in the Contest Rules at http://anticorruption.life/en.
6. Any individual, team or a legal entity (represented through an individual) in the age group of 14-35 years may participate.
7. Each participant shall register on the official website http://anticorruption.life/en and also upload their works on the website in JPG or MPEG 4 formats as per the specifications prescribed below:
Category : The Best Video
  • File formats: mpeg 4, resolution not more than 1920x1080, physical size of the file up to 300 MB.
  • Duration: up to 120 seconds. Sound: 16 bits, stereo.
Category : The Best Poster
  • File formats: JPG, resolution needed to print A3 size picture (297 x 420 mm) with correct aspect ratio and 300 dpi resolution. The physical size of a single file is up to 15 MB.[NB: Poster should preferably be scanned in Full HD or higher Resolution (not to exceed 15MB in size) so that the printout on A3 size paper should not look hazy or blurred.]
8. The Contest posters/videos of participants can be in official language of the States or in English. However, if in the former, the same should carry its translation in English in posters and English sub-titles in videos in view of the international nature of the Contest including the captions, graffiti, texts, conversation, dialogues in video, slogans, etc.
9. The National Committee will comprise of members drawn from varied fields and expertise and will function at Satarkta Bhawan, INA, New Delhi-110023.
10. The Organizer (the Russian Federation) will provide the members of the National Jury with access to the administrative interface of the Contest website for seeing the works of all the participants.
11. The National Committee will shortlist the 1st, 2nd& 3rd winning entries in each category by 25.10.2019 (Semi-final). The 1st winning entry (both poster and video each) shall be submitted online to the Organizer i.e. General Prosecutor's Office of Russian Federation for onward transmission to the International Jury for Finals. The National Committee will also shortlist 10 best posters and 10 best videos, in addition to the winning entries, for submitting to the Organizer for posting on the official website www.anticorruption.life/en for exhibition (exposition) purpose. The National Committee shall submit all the semi-final shortlisted works to the Organizer latest by 31.10.2019.
12. The National Committee will assess the contest entries according to the following criteria: conformity to the stated theme; reasonableness and in-depth coverage of the topic; creativity, novelty of the idea and quality of work performance; accuracy and clarity of the language and style of presentation; compliance of the work with the goals, objectives and restrictive requirements of the contest.
13. The winning entries (1st, 2nd & 3rd) at National level in each category shall be awarded suitable prizes.
14. The International Jury for selecting the 3 Top/Prize winners of Contest would comprise of one representative from each participating country who will vote online.
15. The Top/Prize winners will be felicitated in an award ceremony to be held in Moscow on 09.12.2019. The travel/air expenses of the winners and accompanying persons shall be borne by the sending country. The expenses for accommodation and meals of participants and accompanying persons during their stay in Moscow will be paid by the Organizer. 
16. In the event of Indian entry declared winners, the Central Government i.e. DoPT shall bear the travel expenses of the winning participants and accompanying officials.