Farm Sector
Promotion of best practices in farm sector is embedded in our mandate and we strive to support any interesting idea which has a potential for upscaling. These interventions encompass accelerating flow of ground level credit, increasing agricultural production and productivity, capacity building, rural livelihoods, etc. We have devised various programmes to address farm sector issues such as development of Kisan Credit Card scheme, participatory watershed development, technology transfer, capacity building for adoption of technology, farmers' club programme etc.
We are perhaps the only institution in the country to have established and continued the tradition of building specific funds to address various area / subject specific developmental aspirations. The Farm Sector Promotion Fund (FSPF) facilitates transfer of technologies to boost agri-production, while the Watershed Development Fund (WDF) and Tribal Development Fund (TDF) support flagship activities under Natural Resource Management (NRM) with an emphasis on sustainable livelihoods.