Water Campaign ~ (1 Lakh Villages)
NABARD, on the occasion of World Water Day (22-3-2017) launched a major Water Campaign to cover around 1,00,000 villages in vulnerable/water stressed areas where the ground water is over exploited. Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala, Chairman, NABARD launched the campaign in the presence of Senior Officials from State Governments, Banks, NGOs and other stakeholders across the country who joined the launching ceremony through video conference. Major highlights of the campaign include community participation in adopting efficient irrigation methods, ground water recharge and appropriate crop pattern for enhancing agricultural productivity. NABARD would identify Village Volunteers (Krishi Jaldoots) to run the campaign for a localized and more effective approach. These volunteers will increase awareness about various methods of rain water harvesting, efficient water use, groundwater recharge and integrated farming systems. The activities will be coordinated by NABARD's Regional Offices jointly with representatives from the State Governments, State Level Bankers' Committee, Partner NGOs, Agricultural Universities, Water Experts and Farmers' Club Volunteers, among others.
Water Literacy Materials