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Strategy Plan Meet of RRBs in North East and J&K 7 June 2021
Mumbai | 07 June 2021
A Strategy Plan Meet for the 7 RRBs in North Eastern Region (NER) and 2 RRBs in Jammu & Kashmir was conducted on 7 June 2021, through virtual platform. The meeting was chaired by Shri. Shaji K V, Deputy Managing Director and attended by CGMs of IDD & DoS and other officials from IDD, HO. Chairmen/GM of 9 RRBs and senior officials from their sponsor banks participated in the meeting through virtual medium.
Shri N P Mohapatra, CGM, IDD, while welcoming the participants to the meeting, noted that the RRBs in NER and J&K are functioning in regions of critical importance to the country. He observed that in spite of the small size of business of these RRBs, their viability and growth was of prime importance to Government of India and NABARD. He expressed hope that the deliberations of the meeting will help the RRBs in sorting out operational issues, becoming financial stronger as also strengthening Financial Inclusion in their areas of operation.
Shri Shaji KV, DMD, delivered the Keynote address in which he took stock of the financial position of the RRBs and put forth a fivefold strategy to be adopted by the RRBs in the current FY. The fivefold strategy included (i) Improving CD ratio through loan diversification (ii) emulating best technology practices of niche banks operating in rural areas (iii) Identifying pro-forma NPAs and suitably providing for them in their balance sheets (iv) Active participation in government schemes/package and (v) Introducing new credit products customised to their area of operations. He also reviewed the performance of RRBs individually and interacted with the Chairmen of RRBs/ Sponsor Bank officials.