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Chairman delivers Dr N N Dastur Memorial Lecture 
Karnal | 09 February 2015
ICAR-NDRI conferred Dr. N.N. Dastur oration award to Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala, Chairman National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. Dr. Bhanwala has the distinction of being the first NDRI alumnus to receive the honor and deliver Dr. N.N. Dastur memorial lecture organized by NDRI, Karnal.
Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala delivered Dr. N.N. Dastur Memorial Lecture 2015 on ‘Leveraging Animal Wealth for Small Farmers' Prosperity’. He said that the Indian livestock population is the largest in the world, however, there is a gradual shift in population towards more remunerative livestock due to business orientation. The contribution of livestock sector in Agriculture GDP has been increasing over the last few decades. Dr. Bhanwala emphasised that institutional support to livestock sector is comparatively lower than the contribution of sector in the agriculture GDP. He also said that livestock farming supports a sizeable chunk of livelihoods, particularly landless, small and small land holder farmers. Traditionally, livestock farming helped empowering the women, who were primarily engaged in attending the related activities. He further said that successful homemakers among rural households were those, who could leverage their animal stock to take care of the family and farm needs.
Dr. A.K. Srivastava, Director & Vice chancellor, ICAR-NDRI said NDRI is in an enviable position as the most prestigious Dairy Research Institute in Asian region because of the guidance of luminaries like Dr. Dastur. He read the citations of Dr. N.N. Dastur oration award for Dr H. K. Bhanwala. He also informed that areas of collaboration including a NABARD Chair at NDRI Karnal is being actively pursued.