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His Excellency Mr Farhod Arziev, Ambassador of Uzbekistan calls on Chairman, NABARD
Mumbai | 09 May 2019
Dr Harsh Kumar Bhanwala, Chairman, NABARD met with His Excellency Mr Farhod Arziev, Ambassador of Uzbekistan and Mr Uktam Shomratov, Head of Trade & Economic Section of the Embassy of Uzbekistan. HE Mr Farhod Arziev was interested in understanding the role of NABARD in Agriculture and Rural Development in India. While highlighting the common areas of interest in the economies and cultures of both the countries, the Ambassador suggested that Uzbekistan is very keen to learn from the experiences of India. He further requested Dr Bhanwala for hosting a delegation from Agro Bank, the specialised Bank  in Uzbekistan for agriculture which is visiting India sometime in June 2019 to learn from the experiences of NABARD. His Excellency also invited Dr Bhanwala and his team to visit Uzbekistan for exchange of experiences for mutual benefit.
Dr Harsh Kumar Bhanwala, Chairman, NABARD gave a brief snapshot of NABARD’s evolution from a Rs 4000 crore balance sheet to the present balance sheet close to 4.87 lakh crore. He further explained the role of  NABARD in the field of credit, development, supervision and providing advisory inputs to the federal and provincial governments. Chairman, NABARD further mentioned that Bankers Institute for Rural Development at Lucknow has been regularly providing capacity building services to senior officials from African Countries under the Government of India’s ITEC scheme. Dr Bhanwala also explained the functions of the various subsidiaries of NABARD including NABCONS and offered the services of NABCONS in providing technical support and services as per the requirements of Uzbekistan in the field of agriculture finance and financial inclusion. 
Shri R Amalorpavanathan, DMD, NABARD, Shri K V Rao, CGM, FSPD, Shri A K Mohanty, CGM, SPD, Shri S Dwivedi, CGM, CPD, Shri Nirupam Mehrotra, DGM and Shri R V Ramakrishna, DGM CPD participated in the interactions with the delegation from Uzbekistan.