Sanitation Campaign Corner

India has made rapid progress in ending open defecation across the country which is having a huge impact on improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). NABARD has been a key player in this Noble Mission in supporting government under SBM- Grameen with necessary funds for construction of household toilets.  NABARD has so far sanctioned and disbursed an amount of Rs 15,000 cr and Rs 12,298 cr respectively which has led to the construction of 3.29 cr household toilets. There is a need for continuous awareness creation to sustain behavioural change among the beneficiaries as well as ensure regular maintenance for the infrastructure already created.  The need for good hygiene and sanitation, both at community and individual level has been necessitated.   
This calls for a Pan-India Sanitation Literacy Campaign, leveraging NABARD’s rural India reach through its partner agencies.  
Hence, a Sanitary Literacy Campaign has been formally launched on 2 October 2020 in Head Office and Regional Offices.  The Campaign would run from 2 October 2020 to 26 January 2021.  During the Campaign, the sanitation product requirements, such as, repairs to toilets, retrofitting of toilets with double pit, building of bathroom, water connection to toilets, etc., of nearly 1.00 lakh participants would be mapped.  NABARD has launched a concessional refinance scheme to encourage banks financing Sanitation Products.  Further, a suitable strategy will be developed to ensure timely and adequate credit flow to rural areas in improving sanitation facilities keeping up with objectives of ODF+ & ++.