सरकार प्रायोजित योजनाएँ

प्रकरण अध्ययन

Connecting Means To Ends


Completed isolation of the village from the rest of the world due to the presence of a Nallah with huge boulders, Stranding a population of around 30000 on either sides; the situation worsened during in the monsoons.
Aided by NABARD'S Rural Infrastruture Development Fund, a grant of Rs 138.31 lakhs - 90% of the total project cost - was extended to construct a 35 metre span Steel Girder Motorable Bridge connecting Majalta and Dudu Basantgarh blocks.
The Impact
  • Faster access to health facilities.
  • Enchanced enrolment and attendance rates, especially of female students
  • Facilitateded the grazing and protection of the livestock of 6000 nomads (Gujjars)
  • Enabled mobility of raw materials for construction and other business ventures
  • Facilitated inter - village marriages