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Bagru Hand Block Print

Block-printing holds a significant place in India's printed textile sector. Bagru, a village located around 32 kilometres from Jaipur city has preserved this art for more than 300 years. In an effort to remain true to form, eco-friendly and naturally occurring dyes with distinctive patterns are used.

The artform

The traditional and hand-tailored Bagru printing process begins with washing the texture in clean water, followed by applying ocean salt and castor oil. The fabric is then treated with a 'harda' solution. To capture the natural colours, natural mordants like Harda and alum are utilised in this method. After that, the dried Harda cloth is laid out and tacked in order to make it ready for printing. The syahi rekh (black outline) is printed on the fabric before the begar (red filling), and vice versa.

GI tag

This art was recognised with GI tag in 2011.

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