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Banaras Metal Repousse Craft

The historic city of Varanasi has been home to the thriving repoussé craft since the Vedic era. It is believed to be even older than the Banarasi Silk handloom industry. Repoussé is a method used by traditional artists to create distinctive dishes, doors, traditional ornaments, garments, and faces of gods and goddesses using gold and silver.

The artform

Repoussé is a very creative and inventive technique that allows for a wide range of expression. This method uses a pliable metal that may be sculpted or embellished by hammering from the back while a raised design forms on the front. The Kasera community has been keeping the secrets of this age-old skill alive for generations. This art is created completely by hand using conventional instruments.

GI tag

Benaras Metal Repoussé craft received the GI tag in 2016.

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