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Ghazipur Wall Hanging

Ghazipur Wall Hanging is a handcrafted item that is entirely manufactured by hand using the finest blends of fabric and golden jute fibre, executed in a traditional manner without the use of equipment.

The artform

The expert artisans weave these traditional wall hangings using a combination of colors. They blend several fibers, such as cotton and jute, not just to strengthen but also for a peculiar, distinctive texture. Using various textures also contributes to how the pattern and design are presented. The skill of the weavers is demonstrated by the wide variety of designs they have created, which range from representations of Hindu gods and goddesses to elaborate and detailed landscape artworks featuring patterns of homes, lawns, forests, interiors, birds, and animals.

GI tag

The coveted GI tag was awarded to Ghazipur Wall Hanging in 2018.

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