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Kumaon Chyura Oil

The Chyura, also known as the Indian Butter Tree (Diploknema Butyracea), is the source of Kumaon Chyura Oil. The indigenous inhabitants of the Himalayas have long associated this tree with spiritual and cultural significance. Chyura oil holds great promise for use in a variety of industries, including cosmetics, medicines, confections, and more.

The produce

Typically, Chyura trees begin to bear fruit when they are five to nine years old. April to July is when the fruit ripens. The Chyura fruit's innermost core houses the kernel and is composed of a thin, rigid, glossy-coated brown seed. The oil from these seeds is extracted, and the seed residue has strong anti-mosquito properties. The Chyura seed kernel is where the oil is extracted. Locals of the region have been preparing this in the traditional manner for many years.

GI tag

This unique oil received the GI tag in 2021.

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