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Kalpi Handmade Paper

Papermaking is considered an ancient traditional Kalpi craft. The Kalpi handmade paper industry saw growth due to the Indian Independence Movement and Mahatma Gandhi's "Swadesi Movement" slogan.

The product

A sheet of paper formed by hand using a mold and deckle is known as handmade paper. The mould is a frame with a flexible, stiff, or flat screen covering it. A deckle is a level frame that is intended to catch wet pulp runoff and conceal mold. The inherent internal bonding properties of cellulose fibers raised by hand, sheet by sheet on molds in suspension of fibers in water with or without sizing, create an interwoven layer that holds the handmade paper together. Handmade paper is produced from cotton, silk, and agricultural waste (such as sugarcane, bark, or jute waste).

GI tag

In 2023, it was bestowed with the GI tag.

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