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Nagina Wood Craft

Nagina Wood Craft is a type of wood carving that specializes in inlay and jali work on ebony and sheesham. Nagina's exceptional wood carving artisan history began during the Mughal era. Some of the wood carvers are believed to have relocated from Iran to Uttar Pradesh, where they lived in the villages around Nagina, where Indian rosewood was easily accessible.

The artform

Different types of wood are used by craftsmen based on the needs of the design. The Nagina woodworker makes sure that every scrap of raw material is utilized to the fullest. The designers first create a variety of geometrical patterns and motifs on the paper, which they then transfer to the wooden surface. The artisans form, connect, and design the object using age-old techniques.

GI tag

Nagina Wood Craft received the GI tag in 2023.

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