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Rajouri Chikri Wood Craft

The Rajouri Chikri woodcraft, distinguished by its fine carving and workmanship, is a pride for the Rajouri district of Jammu province. The delicate woodwork, which is prized for its light honey-colored softwood, is brought to life by painstaking carving and beautiful craftsmanship.

The artform

Chikri woodcraft is made by first choosing the wood, then shaping and carving it with various hand tools, and finally sanding and polishing it to give it a glossy, smooth surface. Lastly, ornamental features such as patterns or inlay work are added. Since the Mughal era, this craft has been popular in the area and it was a thriving center under the Dogra administration. A highly recognizable piece of chikri woodwork is the double-sided comb, which features incredibly fine teeth and delicate mesh (jail) work.

GI tag

In 2021, GI tag, with assistance from NABARD, endorsed this distinctive craft that embodies the region's rich heritage and skilled craftsmanship.

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