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Sat-Shiro Bheno (Sat-shirancho Bhendo)

Sat Shiro Bheno (Sat Shirancho Bhendo) also known as Okra is a distinctive and Goan vegetable. It is also known as Local Satpani in Goa and is distinguished by its unusual seven-sided pods that are light green or light yellow in colour, with light brownish hues occasionally running along the ridges.

The produce

The longest type of bhendi in Goa, Sat Shiro Bheno (also known as Sat Shirancho Bhendo), has the largest pods of all the bhendi (okra), frequently reaching a length of 30cm. Since the first blossom typically opens before the seventh leaf, some farmers called it Satpani. Later, because of its seven ridges, they dubbed it Sat-Shiro Bheno. Because of its premium seven-ridged, light green, and longest length, Sat Shiro Bheno is well recognised.

GI tag

This beloved vegetable of Goa received the GI tag in 2023.

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