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Tangsa Textile Product

The rich tapestry of Arunachal Pradesh is celebrated in tangsa textiles. The Tangsa tribe in Changlang District has managed to preserve this traditional technique, which holds cultural significance. Weaving is fundamental to their culture; it is a means of showcasing their ancestry and reflects the unique patterns of different sub-tribes.

The artform

Ethnic identity, cultural customs, and socioeconomic position are all associated with weaving. Tangsa women, who are mostly weavers, employ traditional loin looms and earthy colours to show how much they understand the environment. Because of its intricate designs, use of natural dyes, and close ties to the surrounding environment, tangsa textiles are highly prized. Girls learn this technique from their foremothers, a testament to their dedication to preserving their cultural tradition.

GI tag

This unique textile was recognised with the GI in 2023.

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