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Uttarakhand Aipan

Women from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand specifically create the traditional ritualistic art known as aipan. Aipan design uses a geometric rhythmic pattern, much like a yantra, to represent the deity.

The artform

The fact that aipan art starts and finishes with a dot, lends to its distinctness. The initial dot represents the centre of the universe and is situated at its centre. The way the environment is changing is shown by all the different lines and patterns that radiate out from the centre. The Chand dynasty was the dominant force in the flourishing of Aipan folk art. Reddish-brown geru, or moist mud, is used to produce a level surface. The white paste known as bisvar, which is used to form designs on the surface, is made by grinding cooked rice with water. The middle, ring, and fore fingers are used to construct the design.

GI tag

With support from NABARD, the Uttarakhand Aipan art got its GI Tag in 2021.

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