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Ilkal Sarees

Originating in the pit looms in the Bagalkot district of North Karnataka, the elegant ilkal sarees are woven using the Tope Teni technique. This means that the pure silk pallu is woven separately and then attached to the body warp by a sequence of interlocked loops, which lends to its distinct feature.

The artform

The town of Ilkal, which is in the Karnataka district of Bagalkot, is the inspiration behind the name of the Ilkal sarees. The Ilkal saree's basic design consists of straightforward patterns and a beautiful pallu featuring complementary motifs like lotuses, palanquins, temple structures, and elephants. An Ilkal saree's border, which is four to six inches wide, is its primary attraction. The saree's pallu and base both have eye-catching borders that give the garment an incredible appearance. The weaver uses great care and effort to handweave each saree.

GI Tag

Ilkal sarees were awarded GI tag in 2007 with support from NABARD.

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