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Mushqbudji Rice

A gastronomic delicacy from Kashmir's highlands, especially Anantnag district, Mushqbudji rice is a pride of the state. The premium aromatic short rice variety with a compelling mix of flavour, aroma, and unique sensory qualities, tantalises the palate.

The artform

Mushqbudji is a heritage variety of rice from Jammu and Kashmir. The topographical condition, climate, soil, and water of the region are very conducive to its cultivation. The short-grained fragrant rice has a delicate, nutty flavour and a slightly chewy texture. It is a prized delicacy in Kashmir and special occasions and festivals are incomplete without its preparation. This native variety of rice has a light, ivory colour, and a slightly translucent appearance.

GI Tag

To encourage more farmers to cultivate this heritage variety, NABARD supported its GI recognition journey. It was awarded the coveted tag in 2023.

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