Study on Implementation of KCC Scheme - page 17

the implementation of the scheme in line with the revised guidelines but the
deviations do not seem to be affecting the farmers getting loans from the bank
and making use of it for crop cultivation.
Issuance of RuPay/ Debit Cards by Banks to KCC Borrowers
30. To achieve the objectives of financial inclusion, NPCI has facilitated a sub
membership model for smaller cooperatives (State Cooperative, District
Cooperative, Regional Rural Banks) where they can use National Financial
Switch (NFS) infrastructure under sub membership with a direct member bank
with NPCI. As on March 2016, NPCI had 96 banks as Direct Members by paying
fess of Rs. 3.0 lakh (with 204904 ATMs on NFS), 461 banks as a sub member
bank (with a certification charge of Rs. 75000) and 56 RRBS and 7 banks with
white label ATMs.
Progress made so far in Issuance of RuPay Cards: Macro Picture
31. As per the data provided by the NPCI (March 2016), 146 BINS have gone live out
of total 172 Issuer Identification Number-IINs/ Bank Identification Number-BINs
issued to 154 banks. The transactions were yet to be started in case of 08 BINs.
The bank-wise progress indicated that 56 out of 59 BINS to 56 RRBs, 46 out of
56 BINs to 56 DCCBs, 21 out of 23 BINs to 21 Public Sector Banks, 6 out of 10
BINs to 10 Private Sector Banks, 5 out of 10 BINs to 5 Associate banks of SBI
and 4 out of 6 BINs to 6 State cooperative banks had gone live as on 15 July
2016. The progress of cooperatives banks is quite slow as only 56 banks out of
371 DCCBs & 6 out of 33 St CBs have been issued BINs because of their inherent
weaknesses relating to ICT.
32. The bank-wise analysis of KCC transactions for the period Sept 15 - Feb 2016
indicated that 23 Public Sector Banks together account for 55.4% of total RuPay
KCC transactions followed by RRBs (53 functional) which together accounted for
another about 39 per cent. Ten functional DCCB out of total 56 DCCBs which
have been issued IIN/ BIN together account for just 2.2 per cent of the total RuPay
KCC transactions.
33. An analysis of scale of uses & market share (as on 15 July 2016) of three card
payment systems indicated that National Financial Switch (NFS)/ ATMs dominated
the KCC transactions accounting for as high as 99.10 per cent followed by Point
of Sale (POS) devices at 0.85 percent and the RuPay PaySecure (E-Commerce
operations), which was launched on 21 June 2013, has a very negligible share of
0.05 per cent.
Issue Relating to Interoperability
34. The RuPay Kisan Cards are acceptable at all the 220912 ATMs of all the banks
across the country. Any ATM proposed to be installed by banks and connected
to the National Financial Switch operated by National Payments Corporation of
India accepts the RuPay Kisan Cards issued by any Bank. The KCC will function
smoothly as long as the issuing bank is certified by NPCI to use the card.
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