Study on Implementation of KCC Scheme - page 24

Circulars on KCC implementation
Cir. No. 15/98-99
dtd. 14.08.1998
Cir. No. NB.214/
PCD.30/2004 dtd
Circular No 71/PCD 04/2011-12 dtd
29.03.2012 & No. 97/PCD 10/2012
dated 20 April 2012
(iv) Bank’s discretion
to fix appropriate
seasonal sub-
limit within
overall limit
Maximum Permissible Limit/
KCC limit:
ST loan limit arrived
for the 5th year + estimated long
term loan requirement
Card limit
to be bifurcated into
separate sub limits for ST credit
limit cum savings account and
term loans.
Annual drawing power
to be
fixed for ST limit. For term loans,
instalments may be allowed to be
withdrawn based on the nature
of investment and repayment
schedule to be drawn as per the
economic life.
B. For Marginal Farmers:
A flexible limit of Rs.10,000 to
Rs.50,000 be provided (as
) based on the land holding
and cropping pattern incl.
post-harvest warehouse storage
related credit needs and other
farm expenses, consumption
needs, etc.,
plus small term
loan investments
like purchase
of farm equipment, establishing
mini dairy/ backyard poultry,
etc., without relating it to the
value of land. C
omposite KCC
limit is to be fixed for a period of
five years.
5 Validity/
Renewal of
(i) Credit Card -3
(ii) Aggregate credit
in the account
during 12
months should
at least be
equal to max
outstanding in
(i) Credit Card
increased to
5 years
(ii) No other
in case of
crop loan
i. The Kisan Credit Card should
be valid for 5 years subject to an
annual review.
ii. The review may result in
continuation of the facility,
enhancement or cancellation
of the limit / withdrawal of the
facility, depending upon increase
in cropping area / pattern and
performance of the borrower.
iii. In case of reschedulement of
loan, outstanding amount may be
transferred to term loan account
and repayment period may be
1...,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,...92
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