NABARD - Status of Microfinance in India 2016-17 - page 63

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About 9 SDGs are directly concerned with the environment and sustainability
which, of course, cannot be achieved without community participation. What
can be better community level institutions one can partner with for achieving
these goals than the SHGs/ JLGs and other people’s institutions? In a rural
setting, women can play key role in conserving biodiversity, local seeds and
breeds, and the natural ecosystems. Most of the goals target expanding access to
banking, insurance and financial services for all and ensuring affordable credit
to enterprises which should be integrated into value chains (SDG 9). For most
activities in rural setting the needed financing can be provided through local
level microfinance arrangements through SHGs/ JLGs and the activities can
be integrated into local short geographical value chains. Women can also play
pivotal role in reducing food wastage and post-harvest losses given their nature
of duties on farm and at home.
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