NABARD - Status of Microfinance in India 2016-17 - page 64

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Way Forward / Conclusions
Though SHGs and MF helped pursue MDG in the past positively, microfinance alone may not
help achieve SDGs. First, the scale is too formidable to expect wonders with existing level of
activity. While the numbers are big in terms of number of SHGs and their reach, overall, the scale
is not enough. In spirit, a women borrowing from SHGs over several cycles and graduating to
higher level can build a credit history and formed a JLG and /or applied individually to get higher
quantum of loan without any collateral. Even the banker would have gained confidence in lending
to individuals by then. While group activities have been encouraged especially under programmes
like SGSY and Kudumbashree, many drop outs have been observed due to conflicts, low business
volumes and insufficient incomes, better alternative avenues and so on
. Many were forced groups
for availing subsidy and disintegrated sooner
Second, as we move on the development path, marginal costs of further development is usually
higher in terms of finances and efforts. Also, there would be dilution of standards and hurry to
achieve numbers.
Third, mere membership in groups will not ensure the improvement in living standards. People
are encouraged to inculcate financial awareness and good banking habits through SHGs and
unless, they understand how to use money wisely in entrepreneurial activities their incomes will
not improve. For this, skill sets that people have or develop matter. Training members to suit their
aspirations and aptitude is grey area. Also, the banker does not have a clue on skill sets of people
who approach him, in the absence of good data base. A registry of SHG members with unique
identity number or linking with AADHAAR number that can help streamline efforts to promote,
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