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Development of mussel farming holds a lot of promise in the coastal areas of Goa. To address the issue of decline in
supply of mussels in North Goa, NABARD facilitated area specific capacity building programmes to inculcate an
innovative technique of mussel culture. This involved less investment and manpower, but has yielded promising
> Small fish farmers got hands on training on commercial mussel culture activities.
> Mussels harvested during the pre-monsoon fetched premium price in local markets.
> Fish farmers were motivated to take up mussel farming as a commercial activity.
Dr Fraddry D’Souza
Fellow & Area Convenor
The Energy and Resources
Institute (TERI)
Phone : 8888886659
Goa Regional Office
Email :
Phone : 0832-2420053
Demonstration and Training on Mussel Cultivation
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