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Inspection Department

Inspection Department (ID) of NABARD was established in October 1999 to put in place a robust and a comprehensive inspection system with a focus on adherence to the stipulated guidelines by Regional Offices / Training Establishments / Head Office Departments / subsidiaries of NABARD on various business, promotional, developmental and supervisory activities of the Bank.

The Inspection Department is headed by a Chief General Manager who is assisted by a General Manager, Deputy General Managers, other officers and staff in the Department.

Core functions

  • To provide quick and direct feedback to the management on performance of the ROs / TEs / HODs / Subsidiaries by carrying out a critical appraisal of the performance of the constituent units in all aspects covering their operations, planning, development and regulatory work, human resource management, housekeeping, etc.
  • To examine the efficacy of the existing systems and procedures laid down, and adherence thereto by the constituent units and to provide feedback and early warning signals for bringing about policy changes for implementation of more effective systems and procedures
  • To apprise the Audit Committee of the Board on the status of prescribed agenda, particularly in respect of financial matters, on a periodic basis.
  • Monitoring of concurrent audit work at Head Office and Regional Offices/Training Institutes to ensure accuracy and transparency in transactions.
  • To comment on management audit aspects like the role of the RO in furtherance of corporate and organizational goals, image building in the region, decision making process within the RO, tapping new business and
  • To carry out critical analysis of staff deployment in RO
  • The Inspection Department over the years has emerged as an integral department that ensures all internal checks and controls are in place. It provides a proactive backend support to Regional Offices, Training Establishments and Head office Departments, enabling professional and smooth functioning.

Whistleblower Mechanism

  • A Whistleblower is required to file the complaint while revealing his/ her identity in a prescribed manner to the Officer-designate so as to facilitate and ensure the confidentiality of complaint and protect the identity of the complainant. As per NABARD’s Whistleblower Policy, disclosure can be done by NABARD staff by forwarding an email to the specially designated e-mail ID, i.e., or by calling to a dedicated Telephone No. 022-68120071.
  • Complaints can also be lodged under the provisions of Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI) resolution. Guidelines for lodging PIDPI complaint can be accessed at

    The FAQs on PIDPI complaint can be accessed at

Award of works / contracts(Exceeding Rs. 2.00 lakh) on Nomination Basis for quarter ended 30 June 2023

Award of works / contracts (Exceeding Rs. 2.00 lakh) on Nomination Basis for quarter ended 30th September 2023

Award of works / contracts (Exceeding Rs. 2.00 lakh) on Nomination Basis for quarter ended 31 December 2023

Information under RTI – Section 4(1)(b)

Contact Information

Shri Kuldeep Singh
Chief General Manager
3rd Floor, 'D' Wing C-24, 'G' Block
Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East)
Mumbai 400 051
Tel: (91) 022 68120031
E-mail Address:

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