Public Notices

It has come to the notice of NABARD that e-mail has been sent in the name of NABARD stating that NABARD is asking for details of bank accounts of the addressees through a Fund Release Form for the purpose of transfer of a specified amount of money received from any institution to recipient’s Bank account by Funds Transfer. Please do not respond to mails such mails from domains apparently similar to asking for your bank account and other personal details.

NABARD clarifies that it has not issued any such communication by email or otherwise. It is further clarified that NABARD does not issue such communication by email seeking bank account details for any purpose. NABARD appeals to members of public not to respond to such mails and not to pay any money or share their bank account details in response to such fraudulent mails. It is notified that NABARD shall not be responsible for anything in this regard in any manner whatsoever.