Study on Implementation of KCC Scheme - page 85

Table 5.2: Smart card issued as percentage of total operative/ live cards
Coop Banks RRBs Comm Bank Total
Cumulative KCC Accounts (Lakh)
507.99 238.47
717.52 1463.98
No of Operative/ Live KCC (Lakh)
392.27 123.43
225.25 740.94
Operative Cards as % of total KCC Accounts
No of Smart Cards issued (No)
23959 1378777 7614956 9017692
Smart card issued as % of total live cards
5.7 As already explained in para 4.29, the bankers’ perception about the major
reasons for gap between the number of smart cards issued vis-à-vis number of
operative KCC accounts with the banks includes the factors like procurement
of sufficient number of RuPay cards by controlling offices and forwarding the
same to the issuing branches, non-issuance of cards to NPA and other irregular
accounts, perception of banks as well as farmers about the utility of RuPay cards
keeping in view just one or two transactions in a year, chances of misuse and
fraud restricting the farmers to accept the RuPay cards, large time being taken by
controlling offices in supplying Chip based cards, extra expenditure on the banks
who don’t own an ATM and their customer will be operating on ATMs of other
banks. The farmers’ view about the utility of RuPay has been eclipsed by their
fear of frauds and trust issues i.e. misused of cards by their family members.
Non-availability of ATMs machines in rural areas, has also been cited as a reason
for not availing RuPay card facility by the farmers. Some of the farmers had
declined the offer of availing RuPay Kisan cards as they did not find it very useful
since they were withdrawing the money just once or twice in year a year.
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