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Collective Action


Encouragement of organised Farmer Collectives


Farmers of Bilaspur and Mungeli districts, Chattisgarh

The Challenge:

  • Reviving defunct Farmers Clubs and organising them into federations
  • Taking up certified seed production

The Solution:

  • Three Federations of Farmers Clubs were registered, with assistance from NABARD
  • Seed production started to ensure quality and timely supply of certified seeds to the Farmers Clubs
  • Awareness was increased through relevant training programmes
  • Farmer Federations groomed to act as Business Correspondents for State Bank of India

The Impact:

  • Regular income source for farmers since the 20 percent commission received from State Bank of India is passed onto the Federations
  • Benefits of aggregation and collective bargaining for farmers
  • 15 State Bank of India kiosks now provide financial services and supply quality seeds and pesticides
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