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Financial viability of PACS on a sustained basis


600 farmer families of Bagalkot district, Karnataka

The Challenge:

  • Lack of proper infrastructure in Kuali PACS which caters to 9,000 villagers and 600 farmer families
  • Lack of affordable finance
  • Providing convenience for villagers through PACS

The Solution:

  • NABARD sanctioned a loan to Kuali PACS for construction of an office buildingcum- godown-cum shopping complex
  • Improvement in PACS infrastructure and diversification into non-credit business
  • PACS encouraged to widen scope for sale in every visible area

The Impact:

  • New infrastructure now houses tailoring, grocery, agro-service units and a milk parlour that provides regular business for PACS
  • The PACS infrastructure also houses a fertiliser unit, a pure drinking water unit and a milk cooperative society
  • Access to drinking water at affordable rates
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