ENSURE portal - Review of Matrix of Policy Return
EC No.  40/DoS- 03 /2020-21                         23 March 2021 
Ref. No. NB. DoS / POL / 4093/ J-1 / 2020-21
The Chairman
All Regional Rural Banks
Dear Sir / Madam
ENSURE portal – Review of Matrix of Policy Return 
We invite your attention to our circular No. NB. DoS. Pol. HO / 3488 / J-1 / 2019-20 (No. 56 / DoS – 14 / 2020) dated 02 March 2020 and email dated 21 August 2020 wherein banks were advised to submit Matrix of Policy return on a half-yearly basis.
2.     A reference is also invited to Circular No. NB. DoS. HO. Pol. / 1265 / J-1 / 2008 (No. 103 / DoS – 17 / 2008) dated 30 June 2008, wherein it was suggested to identify a suitable senior officer of your bank to function as Compliance Officer of the bank. You are advised to identify a Compliance Officer of the bank at the earliest if not already done.
3.    Accordingly, the Matrix of Policy has been revised after incorporating the below mentioned changes: 
a) Compliance Officer of the bank will submit the Matrix of Policy return. He / She can directly submit it to NABARD. Accordingly, you are advised to map the return on ‘Matrix of Policy’ to Compliance Officer of the bank. 
b) Banks are, for this purpose, identify a senior officer a ‘Compliance Officer’ if not already done.
c) This instruction will come into effect from the date of this circular. 
4.    Please acknowledge receipt to our Regional Office.
Yours faithfully
(K. S. Raghupathi)
Chief General Manager

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