A. Business

The cumulative sanctions under Warehouse Infrastructure Fund (WIF) stood at Rs.7260 crore. A total of 5,940 projects envisaging creation of 8.36 mMT capacity of dry storage and 0.10 mMT of wet storage infrastructure were sanctioned. Cumulatively, a loan amount of Rs.3831 crore was disbursed out of WIF. Under Food Processing Fund (FPF), NABARD has sanctioned 13 projects (11 Mega Food Parks and 2 individual processing units in Designated Food Parks) involving a term loan component of Rs.519.50 crore. Of which, an amount of Rs 224.64 crore has been disbursed as on 30.09.2017.

B. Development

In the Union Budget for 2014-15, the Union Finance Minister announced ‘Producers’ Organization Development Fund’ of Rs 200 crore to be utilized for building of 2000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). In the year 2015-16, 1,371 FPOs have been approved taking the total number of FPOs to 2173. A grant assistance of Rs 125.97 crore was sanctioned during 2015–16 for the promotion and capacity-building/ nurturing of these FPOs.
NABARD with its mandate aimed at sustainable and equitable rural prosperity has taken up various initiatives for building climate change resilience of rural livelihoods. NABARD is India’s National Implementing Entity (NIE) for the Adaptation Fund (AF) created under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). As NIE, NABARD has generated several feasible proposals on climate change adaptation, five of which, amounting to US$7.3 million, have been sanctioned by the AF.
NABARD has been accredited as NIE for Green Climate Fund (GCF), and it aims to deploy GCF resources for climate resilient development in India.
As a sequel to the announcement in the Union Budget 2014–15, a ‘National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC) has been set up in which NABARD is an NIE to support adaptation actions to combat the challenges of climate change in sectors like agriculture, water, and forestry. The projects are sanctioned by National Steering Committee on Climate Change (NSCCC) chaired by the Secretary, MoEF&CC, GoI. Twelve projects with a loan amount of Rs 235.19 crore were sanctioned by NSCCC under NAFCC.
NABARD is the subsidy channelizing agency for a number of Capital Investment Subsidy Schemes implemented by GOI such as DEDS, ACABC, NPOF etc which aids in capital formation in Agriculture. Dureing 2015-16 an amount of Rs. 886 crore has been released as subsidy for 34897 units.
In one of the biggest such efforts in the history of banking industry in the country, NABARD during 2014-15, accelerated the process of bringing branches of Co-operative banks onto Core Banking Solution (CBS) platform. As on 31 March 2015, of the total 380 licensed banks (StCBs and DCCBs) in the country have moved over to the CBS platform.
To encourage the banks to stabilize CBS, NABARD in 2016 provided onetime support for the implementation of CBS subject to a cap of Rs 2.00 lakh per branch as a reimbursement towards part of the expenditure incurred by the banks. So far, Rs 88.32 crore has been sanctioned under the scheme.
On the micro finance front, Rs 27,582 crore was disbursed to self-help groups across the country in 2014-15, a positive growth rate of 14.84% over 2013-14.
During 2015-16, 49 new projects were sanctioned under NABARD’ watershed programs, taking the cumulative number of projects to 547. The projects cover an area of 5.24 lakh ha in 18 states, with a commitment of Rs 398.90 crore.
23 projects have been sanctioned under NABARD’s tribal development programme (Wadi) during 2015-16 amounting to cumulative sanction of Rs 1952.95 crore for 633 projects covering 4.85 lakh families. Around 5,016 new Farmers’ Clubs were formed during 2015-16.

C. Supervision

NABARD conducted 298 inspections of banks (Regional Rural Banks, State Cooperative banks and District Central Cooperative Banks) during the year.