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Green Climate Fund - Odisha Project

Ground water recharge and Solar Micro Irrigation to ensure food security and enhance resilience in vulnerable tribal areas of Odisha
The project aims to enhance groundwater recharge in the community ponds through construction of Ground Water Recharge System as a concrete adaptation measure to ensure ground water conservation and use of solar pumps as a part of low emission development strategy to ensure water and food security in the 15 vulnerable districts of the Odisha state. The project will positively impact 5.2 million vulnerable population including 50% women in these 15 priority districts  with  high  level  of  food  insecurity,  water  scarcity  and  high  climatic stress. The project would be executed by Department of Water Resources, Government of Odisha.
The objectives of the project are:
  • Augmentation of ground water recharge to improve water table and water quality conditions in rural areas (Gram Panchayat) of the state through adoption of recharge systems in existing village ponds / tanks. 
  • Sustainability of ground water based (domestic / irrigation) Schemes at GP level. Revival of defunct community tank used as drinking water sources for reducing vulnerability.
  • Use of solar pumps for irrigation as part of low emission climate resilient crop planning strategy.
  • Integration of climate resilience planning in the grass-root level institutions involving community based organizations.
  • Create a knowledge base for enabling policy and regulatory framework for market transformation.

Project Components
  • Ground Water recharge system for concrete adaptation
  • Renovation of  Community Tanks
  • Integration of solar pumps for Irrigation
  • Capacity Building of stakeholders
  • Quality Management and Monitoring
  • Knowledge management

Environment & Social Management Plan