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NABARD Celebrates 77th Independence Day
Mumbai | 15 August 2023

NABARD celebrated 77th IndependenceDay of India at its headquarters in Mumbai. Shri Shaji K V, Chairman, NABARD hoisted the National Flag in the presence of senior officers, staff members and their families. The event also witnessed a flamboyant cultural programme by staff members.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Shaji K V urged NABARDians to consolidate the past and move on in a mission mode to achieve an augmented growth in the rural sector. He also exhorted staff to rededicate themselves to the cause of development in the country.

NABARD staff across the country also participated in HarGharTiranga campaign by hoisting the National Flag at homes, pinning the flag virtually and uploading selfie on the official campaign site. The staff also participated in merimittimeradesh programmes across the country.

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