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Visit of Angolan Delegation to NABARD – 25 June 2018
Mumbai | 25 June 2018
A delegation from Angola headed by Dr Abrahao Gourgel, Chairman, Development Bank of Angola (BDA) visited NABARD on 25 June 2018.  The other delegates were Ms Mariana Aragao, Legal Office Advisor, BDA; Ms Jadira Futi, Study and Planning Advisor; Ms Nadia Suraya C da Silva, Advisor for the Department of Project Evaluation and Monitoring.  
The delegation visited NABARD to understand the architecture of Rural Financial Institutions, role of NABARD as a Development Bank and to discuss possible areas of collaboration. 
NABARD team explained initiatives taken in promoting sustainable agriculture, rural off-farm development, priority sector lending, financial inclusion programme, SHG Bank Linkage Programme and enabling role of E-Shakti in SHG Bank linkage programme. Efforts made for development of rural infrastructure through setting up of various funds viz., Rural Infrastructure Development Fund, Long term Irrigation Fund, Micro Irrigation Fund, Climate Change Fund, etc. were shared with the delegation.  Role of Bankers Institute for Rural Development (BIRD) and subsidiaries of NABARD, with specific reference to NABSAMRUDDHI & NABARD Consultancy Services (NABCONS) was also discussed.
The delegation expressed interest in long term collaboration with NABARD besides BIRD and NABCONS in the possible areas like capacity building of the bankers, financing of rural infrastructure, innovations in agriculture banking, and accreditation under international climate funds.  
NABARD team was led by Shri. H R Dave, Deputy Managing Director.  Shri. M K Mudgal, Chief General Manager and Dr D Ravindra, General Manager also participated in the meeting. 
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