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NABARD activities inspire Tripura people to start business unit
Udaipur (Tripura) | August 2021

Udaipur (Tripura), Aug 29 (UNI) The activities of NABARD in Tripura are assets for SHGs members because the members under SHGs are getting inspired to start their business unit here in the north-eastern state Tripura.

There are several numbers of NABARD sponsored activities like sanitary napkin production units run by Yapri SHG. The members of respective SHG are doing well with the support of NABARD.

The Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday has inaugurated the production unit of sanitary napkins and also did a ceremonial flag-off of mobile ATM at Dasarath Deb Memorial School ground in Killa Village Council area of Udaipur subdivision in Gomati District of South Tripura.

A member of Yapri Kwtal SHG Sabita Jamatia said the respective SHG was formed in the year 2014 with ten members in the group and the members of the group were one of the poorest and weakest families of the village but the members are now aware of many issues like hygienic education.

The woman member Sabita Jamatia also informed that they received a total of Rs:10,000 from the District Mission Management unit as a Revolving Fund and a total of Rs: 4 lakh 30 thousand received from the bank.

A total of Rs 4 lakh 90 thousand has been received by group members from CIF. The money has been used in different activities like rubber garden, vegetable cultivation, Areca nut plantation, fishery and others.

The district Gomati consists of three subdivisions and there are 1,07,700 numbers rural households within eight-block areas of the district in which a total of 42,563 households come under Tripura Rural Livelihood Mission (TRLM) and the rest 3078 households to be covered. Through SHG Mobilization, there are a total of about 43,582 households are covered under TRLM.

The main livelihood activities are agricultural activities like paddy cultivation, non-chemical vegetables, mushroom cultivation, nutrition garden, animal husbandry activities and non-farm activities.

Food items like namkin, catering, puffed rice, chira and dalmoth are also the activities of SHG. The SHGs are also doing other activities like sanitary napkin, vermi compost and goat milk shop too.

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