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Farmers with FPOs reaping benefits
Mumbai | October 2021

NABARD chairman G. R. Chintala on Monday said that farmers producer organisations (FPO) are coming in a big way in India and will immensely help them in getting agood price. Speaking ata webinar organised by BCCL Chintala said that FPOs is the new paradigm in Indian farming. There are nearly 10,000 FPOs in the country today out of which 5,000 have been promoted by Nabard. “It has been seen that farmers belonging to the FPOs get additional benefits ranging from 4.0% to 60%. Farmers are getting inputs at a lower price and higher realisation for selling”, he said. Chintala further said that ofthe 5,000 FPOs promoted by Nabard, 2500 of them have gone into investment grade. “These investment grade FPOs are getting money from the banking system and Nabkisan Finance”, the Nabard chairman added.

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