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NABARD with ARTH to create a 9 step Micro Enterprise Development Prog for Women
Lucknow | January 2022

Lucknow, 17 Jan (KNN) NABARD is now collaborating with ARTH to create a new 9-step Micro-Enterprise Development Program (MEDP) for women.

The project's goal is to build nano firms in micro markets with various sorts of occupations in India by offering skills, market connections, and integrated credit and insurance.

ARTH would provide financial and technical assistance in collaboration with specialist bodies across occupations to 500 firms across UP, affecting 2500 households.

The initiative would be centered on the state of Uttar Pradesh, with ARTH and NABARD identifying specific areas.

ARTH, a micro MSME Fintech, in its press release said that it will help women-owned enterprises in Uttar Pradesh through a 360-degree model and digital credit linkages worth up to half a million dollars as part of this partnership.

Through MEDP and LEDP initiatives, ARTH has partnered with NABARD, the apex regulatory authority for overall regional rural bank regulation.

Apart from support assistance to women, there are many government schemes for small businesses owned by women.

ARTH is a Fintech that provides loans, payments, and insurance solutions to micro-MSME organizations. It has been at the vanguard of new generation credit alliances, particularly for women-owned businesses, via hyperlocal marketplaces and digital collaborations.

Shweta Aprameya, Founder and CEO of ARTH, in a press release issued on Wednesday, said, "We are thrilled to be collaborating with NABARD on the development and design of a microenterprise development program that will not only focus on occupational upskilling women but will also provide new start-up micro capital to female-owned nano businesses”.

Aprameya added that “ARTH, which pursues an advanced tech and touch model for its financial services sector and is directly associated with consumers, will leverage its experience and deep understanding to ensure the success of this joint initiative. This is only the beginning; once such models are in place, we intend to spread this template across India in collaboration with experts and technical partners."

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